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Mikey's Luggage Girl on Luggage

Most of us think of luggage as something to carry our “home away from home” clothes and various “must haves” when we go on vacation. Rarely is a foster child going to experience a vacation, much less pack in actual luggage. Too often they are carried from a dangerous situation and placed in a safe environment with only what they are wearing at the time. Koinonia helps provide foster children with clothes and basic needs as they adapt to living with caring strangers. Most foster children will live in at least three foster homes, and even as many as 20 throughout their childhood; and…quite frankly, they pack in big garbage sacks or boxes to move from placement to placement.

Watch the video “Hello. My Name is Michael.” and see how luggage can make a difference.

On behalf of foster children, Rapid First Plumbing and Koinonia Family Services need your help to bring dignity to their lives by donating duffel bags or luggage.


You can drop off or donate directly to Koinonia Family Services, or use one of the convenient locations listed below.

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Rapid First Plumbing Office
5013 Roberts Ave, Ste B
McClellan, CA  95652




Koinonia Family Services
3731 Magnolia St
Loomis, CA 95650,
M – F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed for lunch noon to 1:00 PM daily
Donate Mikeys Luggage
Click here to donate and use keyword “Mikey’s Luggage” in comments.
Proceeds will go directly to purchase luggage for the kids.